About Us

Once a part of the mighty GT Interactive Software Group, a company that published top quality titles such as Doom, Duke Nukem, and Oddworld. Improvements in technology have helped various fields, the gaming and entertainment industry have also been benefitted. Various games have been introduced to us only because of technological advancements. We decided to continue this legacy.

The earliest PC games included text adventures up to now where the buzz is Virtual Reality; PC games have come a great long way. If you are curious to know the evolution of pictures, log on to YouTube videos and watch one of the many superb videos on PC gaming evolution. They have done a great job in chronicling the evolution of the PC games from the beginning up till now. It is indeed quite a watch and for people who belong to the era when Mario was first developed, it will be bringing back nostalgia, perhaps even a tiny tear in your eye thinking about how quickly time flies and the sad fact that you are also aging quite fast (wink).

1981 was the year when Mario, the Italian plumber was given life to in a much-received game called “Donkey Kong”. In the game, Mario was not the plumber that we know him as today. His character is called the ‘Jumpman’ and his job is to rescue the princess who has been made a prisoner by the antagonist Kong. While Mario, the Jumpman is on his way to free the princess, Kong tries his best to throw pipes and barrels in order to stop Mario from reaching the princess. Mario may be only a side character in 1981 but up to 2016 he has stayed winning millions of fans and entertaining them no end.

Today, super Mario is still played and it is an augmented reality video game. So, now you see, PC game hardware has changed but the PC game still remains.

So what does this mean to us?

With classics such as the old school Doom to Donkey Kong to the latest games such as the new Doom. No matter what you play, PC gaming is an all time favorite past time for millions of people and that is what we celebrate on GTIsOnline.