PC games – yesterday, today and tomorrow


The kids and the teens in the 1980 and 90s never had internet, no! Then how did they spend their time? Because every kid today is so engrossed in playing video games on consoles or their tablets and smartphones that it is really difficult to comprehend what life would have been actually without them being around.

Are PC games redundant?

When we talk about redundancy in the context of technological advances we generally mean that there is a breakthrough technology that has made the erstwhile technology useless or not usable anymore.

The technology could be one that all encompasses the previous technology and also give some more added features and therefore there is no more the need for going for the previous technology anymore. In this context, it is very difficult to say that PC games are redundant.

Why is it difficult to slot them as redundant?

Any technology that is connected with computers and artificial intelligence can be divided into two parts.

  • The first one is the hardware which comprises of the computer parts and the peripheral accessories that support the PC game
  • And second is the software. In this case, it is the PC game itself.

The fact is that the hardware that used to support the games may no longer be used but the PC games themselves have not faded away into oblivion. The games in their new and recreated avatar still woo millions of their fans albeit in the latest hardware like the exclusive gaming consoles and smartphones.

The basics of PC gaming:

These are the components of a gaming PC:

  • The CPU:
    The Central Processing Unit is the processor that is responsible for gathering all the information from the gaming program and also decode it so that the user is able to give commands.
  • Motherboard:
    This is the main board where all the loose components including memory cards, the video cards, and the gaming software must be made to sit.
  • RAM and ROM:
    Speed is directly related to the memory storage available in your computer so to play hi speed tech games make sure you have lots of free space.
  • Hard drive:
    These are Solid State Drives and are the most preferred hard drives for gaming because they do not have any loose parts and they are extremely compact in size and fit well into the PCs.