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So, you are a PC game lover?

If you claim to be a lover of PC games from the time that you can remember, then you must love all the facts and figures about the games. The internet is one big source of trivia on the games. The problem is that there is so much more trivia about the Pc games that sometimes you can spend hours on end without noticing the lapse of time.

There are helpful facts, not so useful facts, interesting ones and some bizarre and dark, creepy facts but one thing is common and that is they are all entertaining. Which Pc game buff will not like to read about their favorite game and the characters in them and also bring back the ooh such wonderful memories of it all?

Try beating this fact!

Game statistics say that the most popular genre of PC games are the creepy horror kinds and the next best one is online shooters.

While a lot of people do think that such violent video games are indeed the reason for the increase in aggression among adolescents and also insensitivity towards violence among young adults, it is a point of moot. Research that has been conducted and that holds a lot of water considering that it is a comprehensive study conducted by extremely reliable sources proves that video games are only being made the scapegoats with the pretext that they encourage violence and brashness among youth.

In fact, the same study proves that children and young adults seem to pick up a lot of skills while playing strategic games like making a quick and informed decision, weighing the pros and cons of a particular action and also route navigation and map reading. And sharing high scores with friends, after you found out how to screenshot on an Asus laptop will give gamers fulfillment and a drive to beat their friends’ high scores.

Gaming etiquette to follow:

All games whether on the field or off it requires that etiquette is followed to the T. If the gamer thinks that he can get away with bullying or be shoving other players then he can be proved wrong. The gaming community is strongly knit and there is precisely no place at all for bullies. He may do so at his own risk of being blacklisted or being banned from playing the game at all. The community of regulars of a game can also be socially connected and thus they can be friends and opponents from time to time. It is easier to enjoy the game if everyone follows the rules.

The future of PC gaming:

The future looks bright and rosy for the PC games. If the enthusiasm is anything to go by, the PC games look like they are going to be around for a long time before something that is far better can take its place.

Which are the PC games to look out for?

The most famous Pick of the games slated to make it big in 2017 are

  1. ReCore
  2. ProEvolution Soccer
  3. Dead Rising
  4. Divinity Original Sin 2
  5. NBA 2K17

Reasons To Enjoy PC Games

PC Games

1. Cost-effective:
PC games are rather budget friendly and are not going to demand you to spend a hell lot of money for purchase and setup of gaming devices. You can just search for your favorite game on the Internet and then start playing it either by downloading it on your PC or by just playing it directly. Another myth is that you need a really expensive system to enjoy PC games. In fact, you can get a laptop as low as 500 dollars and enjoy the latest releases. This makes the cost involved in playing minimum.

2. No Payments required for Multiplayer modes:
When you have chosen to play your game on a PC, the best thing about that is you are not required to pay for that. Unlike few other platforms that demand the player to pay a certain amount for choosing their opponent, with a PC you can choose your opponent and combat with them freely.

3. Extensive choice of games:
How much ever costly your gaming consoles are, there is certainly a limit to the number of games available on them, but while playing on a PC, the choice of games is rather limitless. You can choose from a wide range of games from across the net, which is actually a great advantage over any other type of gaming.

4. Play in your own style:
PC gaming allows the players to play in their own style, there is no need to keep themselves stuck either to the keyboard or mouse, they can even play with ease with a gamepad. This offers them varieties of modes to play making the PC gaming even more interesting.

5. Customize your PC game:
When you play the game on a PC, you have the option and advantage of customizing the game according to the preference of the player. With mild alterations and extra accessories, you can actually take the PC gaming experience to a next level and the best thing is that you need not drain your wallet for doing so.

6. Mods:
Mods are the extra features and the additions that you can actually open up during the process of the gaming technology. This makes the gaming process very interesting and all the more irresistible.

With all these features and the ever increasing accessibility and the technological advancements, PC gaming has become more addictive and inevitable for a game lover. The majority of the PC games come with an instruction manual to enable easy and effective playing. If in case a player comes across any doubts or issues while gaming, the Internet has answers to your doubts and solutions to any error that may pop up.

Being a hassle-free, cost-effective, budget-friendly and easily accessible gaming option, PC games tops all the other gaming options.  All these features make PC gaming ever interesting and make one enjoy his PC gaming experience to the maximum.

The all time favorite past time of millions – playing PC games

PC Games

Not only do gamers love their games but they love to read anything that is associated with their favorite games. The internet is full of snippets regarding the most interesting to the most bizarre facts about the PC games. So, if you love your game and also love reading about them then log on to the internet and get going. I bet you will never ever regret spending your time there.

There was a time before the internet actually ruled the roost that gaming addicts (yes, that’s what they all are!) and the lesser breed calling gaming enthusiasts (who play moderately) read about their favorite games and their developers from magazines that carried stories about them and also tiny titbits in their “do you know” sections. But then sometime in the mid 90s internet came over and things changed. Now it is so easy for everyone just to type PC games or VR games and there is a thread of information on the screen. You take what you want; it’s all yours!

Many video games look stunning and even the background music employed is the synchronized music from the video games chronicled in there. The games featured are from the bygone era like the Mule, Zork, and Dam Busters to Minecraft, Dead Space 2 and Dota 2 and version 3.

The gaming etiquettes to follow:

Almost every walk in life warrants that etiquette is strictly followed. It is paramount for the person to follow the etiquette while playing PC games even though the rules of etiquette are not documented anywhere at all. It is obvious that in playing games, you must use your discretion and be mostly civil. Your freedom of expression will end where the other player’s freedom of expression begins. The player must show excessive sporting spirit, the same kind that is expected in field games. Only here the medium is different. But that should not make the difference!

Which are the PC games to look out for?

For Honor Game
For Honor is an exciting game released this year

Undoubtedly, 2016 was the most happening year in terms of release of the most popular PC games ever, and now all eyes are set on 2017 for the rich experience that the PCs will bring.

January will see the release of Resident Evil 7 which must be as fun to play as it sounds and looks scary. The trailers are out already, and the sneak peeks looks extremely promising.

For honor, another one slated for February release is a warfare game set during the medieval times. It is touted to be the best in its genre.
Another February baby is Halo Wars 2 which is also getting awesome Beta reviews. The first half of the year looks so promising. I am keeping my fingers crossed!