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So, you are a PC game lover?

If you claim to be a lover of PC games from the time that you can remember, then you must love all the facts and figures about the games. The internet is one big source of trivia on the games. The problem is that there is so much more trivia about the Pc games that sometimes you can spend hours on end without noticing the lapse of time.

There are helpful facts, not so useful facts, interesting ones and some bizarre and dark, creepy facts but one thing is common and that is they are all entertaining. Which Pc game buff will not like to read about their favorite game and the characters in them and also bring back the ooh such wonderful memories of it all?

Try beating this fact!

Game statistics say that the most popular genre of PC games are the creepy horror kinds and the next best one is online shooters.

While a lot of people do think that such violent video games are indeed the reason for the increase in aggression among adolescents and also insensitivity towards violence among young adults, it is a point of moot. Research that has been conducted and that holds a lot of water considering that it is a comprehensive study conducted by extremely reliable sources proves that video games are only being made the scapegoats with the pretext that they encourage violence and brashness among youth.

In fact, the same study proves that children and young adults seem to pick up a lot of skills while playing strategic games like making a quick and informed decision, weighing the pros and cons of a particular action and also route navigation and map reading. And sharing high scores with friends, after you found out how to screenshot on an Asus laptop will give gamers fulfillment and a drive to beat their friends’ high scores.

Gaming etiquette to follow:

All games whether on the field or off it requires that etiquette is followed to the T. If the gamer thinks that he can get away with bullying or be shoving other players then he can be proved wrong. The gaming community is strongly knit and there is precisely no place at all for bullies. He may do so at his own risk of being blacklisted or being banned from playing the game at all. The community of regulars of a game can also be socially connected and thus they can be friends and opponents from time to time. It is easier to enjoy the game if everyone follows the rules.

The future of PC gaming:

The future looks bright and rosy for the PC games. If the enthusiasm is anything to go by, the PC games look like they are going to be around for a long time before something that is far better can take its place.

Which are the PC games to look out for?

The most famous Pick of the games slated to make it big in 2017 are

  1. ReCore
  2. ProEvolution Soccer
  3. Dead Rising
  4. Divinity Original Sin 2
  5. NBA 2K17

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